Guidelines on Acquiring Organization’s Military Coins

Ever since the military coins have crossed barriers and have broken into the civilian world, they became popular in various regions. At the moment, there are countless places to purchase these coins. A military coin, better known as challenge coin, is a little medallion on which an organization or military unit’s symbolic insignia is engraved. This medallion is always brought by every organizations’ member. Their purpose is to prove one’s identity or membership in the group. Furthermore, they jumpstart the self-esteem of those who were acknowledged as members. These medallions also show recognition for the men and women who have offered their service in the organization they are involved with.

military coinsChallenge coins have proven their significance throughout history. For example, a coin has saved an American pilot’s life during World War I. This was because he has proven his identify as a member of an American military unit. The French mistook him for a saboteur. However, once they have recognized the engraved insignia on the coin and confirmed that he is not a saboteur, they cancelled his execution. Beyond this example, military coins remain useful to army members. Because of this, these medallions have piqued the interest of society. People are presently willing to collect more and more military coins.

Acquire a Military Coin That Will Stand Out

Leaders or members of organizations, fraternities, sororities, special clubs, committees, athletes, departments and a lot more groups collectively practice the tradition of challenge coins. This is to build camaraderie and trustworthiness amongst the members. Challenge coins are a great medium for providing others a memorable long-term impact. This tradition is already common and if one is just starting to adopt this practice, it’d be necessary to get extraordinary challenge coins.

Though these coins are of no monetary value, one should still ensure that they do not look cheap. People nowadays look for high-quality, complexly designed and impactful coins. At the moment, coin-hunting has been easier since they are present in the online market. Even while at home, people could now look for uniquely created coins. A lot of coin manufacturers have emerged. Still, it’s important to choose a coin producer you could easily work with – onewith great attention to detail but doesn’t disregard your ideas. Choose those who would grasp what could best represent your organization.

For first timers, understanding the designs engraved on military coins can really be confusing. These coins are a platform of limitless combinations of symbols, colors, and designs. It is important to acquire a challenge coin that would show specifically what you want to convey. Just so, the tradition and history of challenge coins are preserved and well-respected in the hearts of its owners.

Designing and Customizing the Coins

Just like business cards, challenge coins are inscribed with significant information on them. They may be small pieces of metals, but with the etched insignia on them, they could at once tell the story of their designers. The insignia is a symbolic logo or image that could best represent an organization. It’s perfectly fine for these coins to feature a minimalistic design, as long as they represent a vision and are proof of excellent craftsmanship.

To summarize, in orderingmilitary coins, one has to remember the following: (1) Each image should clearly represent the organization; (2) The colors should boost the organization’s noteworthy aspects and lastly; (3) The size, thickness and the texture of the coin should convey the principles of the organization. In simpler terms, it’s necessary that every aspect of the coin you are getting serves as a symbol of your organization’s goals and greatness.

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The Concept of Buying Facebook Likes

While the internet has been around for some time, social networking, or social media, is something that’s relatively new to most people. Even so, it’s had one of (if not THE) the biggest growth spurts in recent memorydue to the amount of time it has spent on the annals of the Internet. It now holds more importance to people the same way emails used to be the most important online asset for anyone who uses the internet.


Social media’s applications go far and wide. While it’s common to see marketers foresee how good something can be for selling products and services, it took them a while to fully take advantage of what social media had to offer. Here’s a look at what social media is, and how it has given rise to all sorts of marketing practices, such as buy Facebook Likes.

History of Social Media

Social networking started in 1997, with the founding of Although it was only around for 4 years, it gave birth to social media as we know it today. At its peak, had over 3.5 million registered users, something that marketing services at that time failed to notice, or noticed but did not really see any real use.

Social networking was founded on the concept of “six degrees of separation”, which states that “everyone and everything is no more than six steps away”. This concept still holds true for the social media sites that would follow it, though it has been trumped by the “social circles network model”.

In the year 2000, the first successful social media site, Friends Reunited, was launched in Great Britain. Although it doesn’t quite have the same feel as the social networking sites we now have, it worked in a similar way: users would create an account, set-up their profile, and started connecting with other users through research, dating, and job-hunting. The site still exists today, and was last reported to have almost 24 million users (2010).

In 2002, was launched and grew to 3 million users in a span of 3 months. While e-mail and instant messaging through programs such as mIRC and Yahoo! Messenger were still very much the trend, people were slowly but surely veering towards this new way of interacting with other people. Ads were seen on this site, but they were more of the traditional advertisements. Friendster, in its early years, did not really cater to marketing strategies of the day, as marketers still focused on traditional means like creating commercials and catch-phrases.

MySpace would really take the cake for advertisers and marketers in 2003. The way the site was designed, you could get your profile page to look like a microsite than a social networking account.This meant a truckload of potential for marketing and advertising practices, as it virtually gave everyone free access to their own site, much like Tripod (a webhosting site) did, but with a bigger chance of connecting with other users.

But the biggest revelation so far is Facebook. It started in 2004 as a spin-off from online facebooks of Harvard houses by Mark Zuckerberg. It went through several changes, but eventually it offered users a chance to create a page specifically for gathering “likes”, which is Facebook’s way of giving users a new option for marketing. It started off as a simple broadcast-it-to-your-friends marketing, but as of today, a concept known as buy Facebook Likes has taken root.

The concept of buy Facebook Likesworks very much like a tactic advertisers tend to use: they pay people to give good reviews about a product. The same concept applies for the buy Facebook Likes.

Sites that offer this are all around the internet, and if you want to take advantage of this, just do a search and Google will do the rest.